Bounce Fund

Overview of the Fund – (Deadline March 8th)

Our Studio 18 exhibition space serves as a platform to showcase your work, engage with diverse audiences, and gain experience for your professional practice. 

Whilst the space can be booked at any time by all CCW students irrespective of the fund, this supplementary £500 fund is also available, and aims at supporting you with some of the costs associated with organising, presenting, and installing your exhibition and/or event.  

Applicant(s) must propose a group exhibition or activity that is public facing and has a collaborative element; such as a joint project, exhibition, or workshop that will take place during the academic terms in 2023/24

Eligible Costs 

The fund will support costs associated with exhibition production and promotion, such as: materials, publication design and printing costs, exhibition equipment hire, publicity, workshop materials, hospitality, transport, specialised technical support, provided reasonable justification is included in the application. The fund cannot support payments of fees or stipends to UAL students.  

If you are applying to the fund for event support, you will be responsible for managing and delivering the event. We suggest that you factor in paying student helpers or event managers into your budget to provide support if required; for instance, to serve drinks, or invigilate. Payment for students is facilitated via Artstemps. Please note that applicants cannot pay themselves a fee for any kind of work on the project. 

How much can I apply for? 

The total fund available for each project is £500.  

Who can apply? 

The scheme is open to all CCW students. Three groups will be awarded the funding, each allocated a specific date.  

Why should I apply for Bounce? 

Engaging in a funded exhibition opportunity at university can offer you a variety of significant benefits, such as:

  • Financial Support 
  • Professional Experience 
  • Portfolio Enhancement 
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • Exposure and Recognition 
  • Skill Development 
  • Educational Value 
  • Feedback and Evaluation 

Assessment criteria: how will my application be assessed?  

Applications will be assessed by the UAL Millbank Tower Podium space management team against our funding evaluation matrix. The higher your score is weighted against the assessment criteria in this matrix, the greater the likelihood of you receiving the funding will be. Please refer to the evaluation matrix throughout to understand the kind of information and the level of detail we are looking for with each of your answers to the questions in the application.  

Whilst filling out your application and organising your event, please always be mindful of: 

  1. The rationale of each cost, i.e., how this purchase would extend your creative practice and benefit your professional development, and in what ways  
  2. Potential for collaboration/partnerships, both externally and within UAL 
  3. Thorough organisation and management of the event demonstrated in your application 


  • Before you begin, make sure you’ve read through the Studio 18 Infopack to establish whether the space is actually suitable for what you plan to do, paying particular attention to the Do’s and Don’ts section.  
  • Start your application as early as possible to avoid last-minute stress. This allows time for careful planning and refining.  
  • Ensure you directly address the evaluation criteria outlined in the application. This will make it easier for you to complete, and easier for us to review. 
  • The length of your answer doesn’t necessarily equate to its strength. Remember that you can include most of the information required whilst still being succinct. 
  • Make sure your budget is realistic. Be sure to cover all relevant expenses, providing a clear breakdown of how the funds will be utilised.  
  • When in doubt, please speak to the Millbank Tower Podium space team and we can give you some guidance as you go through the application. 

The budget: how to cost your application 

The panel takes into account whether the budget is realistic and value for money has been considered when assessing applications. Please refer to the information within the matrix and “eligible costs” when putting together your activity/project budget. Please base costs on quotes rather than estimates and provide a clear breakdown of all costs.  

Applicants are encouraged to discuss costings with the space management team at Millbank Tower Podium,, in advance of submission. 

Submitting your application 

Applications should be emailed to

Please attach any quotes or required supporting documentation to your email.