We encourage you to visit the building and the studios before you book so you can see the space and we can discuss your needs.

We are open for visits from 10am–6pm Monday to Friday.

You can also find a site map and floor plan of the space at the bottom of this page.

How to book 

Please read through our Studio 18 Info Pack, and then complete this Booking Form.

Once filled out, kindly send the form to us via

Our primary purpose is to promote students’ professional development practices and all booking requests must reflect this.

Your booking confirmation will subject to availability, alignment with Health & Safety standards, and completing a Risk Assessment signed by both the event organiser and the course coordinator or sponsor.

Our Studio 18 Info Pack sets out everything you’ll need to know to host a safe, productive event. By booking Studio 18 you will be agreeing to follow our building specific operational protocols and policies, and to uphold UAL’s commitment to sustainable, ethical, and inclusive working, as well as observing the University’s wellbeing and safeguarding policies.

How to cancel

Just let us know through the same email.

Please give as much notice as possible, so the space can be offered to someone else.

Site map

Floor plan