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Office Master

OFFICE MASTER is an exhibition initiated by Fine Art students from Chelsea College of Art and organized in collaboration with young artists from various art schools across London area, including Slade School of Art, Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths University and Chelsea College of Art. The artworks of nine groups of participating artists will be on display for 7 days at studio 18 in Millbank.
The exhibition will feature various forms of art, including performance, video, installation, and sculpture. Through these mediums, the artists will explore their personal interpretations of the
‘demons’ that consume us in the office by delving into key aspects such as identity, culture, religion, spirituality, and pain.
While the term OFFICE MASTER, 办公室恶魔(means ‘Demons/bad/evil in the office’ in Chinese), seems to carry a negative connotation, discussions regarding office environments, encompassing both favorable and unfavorable viewpoints, echo the intricate and diverse nature of human identity. We believe that the office environment often stifles individuality while promoting a collective culture. As artists, we are captivated by the imagination of individuals wearing uniforms within the office setting, where conformity to prescribed rules conceals true selves.

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Charged Objects of Performance

Exhibition Launch Performance

Dress Down Friday

Laurie Martin is organising a one-day event to launch the next Raid.R issue called SATURATED.

Bo Sun
Karl Murphy
Tu Pham
Nikita Snegirijovs
Louis Loveless
Chaney Diao
David Koh
Andie Aylsworth
Beth Seeboo

Copies of Raid.R magazine will be sold during the event

Unofficial dress code is corporate casual/dress-down friday!

Free tickets

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