Bounce Fund Conference Exhibition Networking Event

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

At the very end point in the final year of our graphic design degree, we are beginning to feel the universal panic, stress and confusion at what comes next. How do we go about getting a job? Who is going to hire us? Do we even know what we want to do? How do we get there? 

It feels daunting and impossible to break into the creative industry. Despite loving our course and working so hard for the past three or four years it still feels like an unfeasible task. This is something we find ourselves constantly discussing with friends and peers as we reach this crossroads in our lives. 

This exhibition ‘Not My Circus Not My Monkeys’ aims to create a space to capture this shared feeling whilst giving a platform to a group of ten talented emerging artists. Working together and discussing our worries, fears and problems means we can begin to face our creative industry, break through and begin to change it together. 

Alice & Ellie

Featuring work from Bella Jordan Armstrong, Charlotte Brown, Frederica Marlow, Joe Jacobs, Jonah Rose, June Chan, Ned Collyer, Oliver Mansell, Ollie Norris and Sophie Adelaide.

Bounce Fund Exhibition

Liminal Entities

This exhibition delves into the delicate balance between realms, where boundaries blur and transitions occur. Inspired by the Japanese concept of komorebi, where light filters through trees, we invite you to navigate through the dappled spaces of consciousness. Through artworks that capture the essence of lucidity and in-between states, we delve into the fluidity of existence. Join us on a metaphorical journey where reflections shimmer, boundaries dissolve, and the unseen become tangible.

Furthermore, in exploring the themes of fluidity and liminal realities, we aim to engage with the complexities of queer identities and experiences. Queer theory often challenges binary understandings of gender and sexuality, emphasising the fluidity and complexity inherent in these aspects of human identity. By embracing the concept of ‘liminal entities’, we seek to create a space where individuals can explore the intersections between different identities and occupy spaces that defy traditional categorisations. Through this exploration, we hope to foster dialogue and reflection on the fluid nature of existence and the diverse experiences that shape our understanding of self and society.

Exhibition Workshop


Indigestion: Breaking conventional understanding

Indigestion isn’t just about food. It’s about how we absorb life. From infancy, we take in the world around us, forming a sense of self that’s influenced by society’s mirror. As we grow, we navigate the symbolic norms that define us, questioning and digesting new ideas. ‘Cultural indigestion’ can happen when our personal beliefs clash with social expectations, leading to moments of discomfort or enlightenment. It’s not just about fitting in; it’s about understanding our place in the world and how we hold the new and unfamiliar, attuned to its feeling. This exhibition invites you to resist easy consumption; the idea that indigestion is more than a physical reaction—it’s a way to sustain a more complex relationship with the world.

Bounce Fund Exhibition

Sexual Dissidence (in Art Today)

A multidisciplinary and inter-academic exhibition that showcases an artistic panorama of sexual dissidence in the world today, through the work of artists and historians from 13 countries.

Sexual Dissidence (in Art Today) is a multidisciplinary and inter-academic exhibition that showcases an artistic panorama of sexual dissidence in the world today, through the work of artists and historians from 13 countries. The curatorial process began by asking each artist to express their vision of sexual dissidence in their country today, through a new or existing work. Students published their creations on a specially built Notion and decided together how these visions will coexist in the exhibition space. After the exhibition, the exhibited works will be published in a printed and digital book that will be distributed among the libraries of the collaborating institutions.

This initiative will showcase the work of MAFA and MACC students from UAL, which will be analyzed by MACA students from Sotheby’s Institute. It will also showcase the work of the Brazilian academic from the University of Brasília, Doctor Orthof, and the artists Theo Vasiludes and Niv Friedman from the Royal College of Arts. The idea is to reflect the diversity of sexual dissidence, through the diversity in the curation of the exhibition, showing works in video, photography, installations, sculptures, and performance by queer artists from 21 to 60 years old, from students to international academics, from 4 universities and 11 different countries.


The Essence of Being

Caitlin Deiter, Grace Shiels, Lilian Wuerth, Marcie Bradley-Green and Ngai Ning Yu curate “The Essence of Being” exhibition. Collectively exploring what remains throughout life and death, memory and imagination.