Conference Focus Group Workshop

DesignInquiry Work/Around

DesignInquiry Work/ Around, part of the 2023 London Design Festival programme, was a weeklong risograph print and publication workshop aiming to subvert the notion of the obstacle as a barricade to creativity; instead, posing the idea that accepting and working around difficulties or disadvantages during the creative process can be conducive to thoughtfulness, imagination, and artistry.

Participants visited the space throughout the week for a series of workshops, presentations and talks curated by DesignInquiry, a multidisciplinary collective researching and developing new strategies for design. DesignInquiry is led by UAL’s Peter Hall, a reader in Graphic Design at CCW. He employs mapping and visualisation techniques as interactive design methods, with a specific emphasis on addressing issues related to the climate crisis, risk, and security.

Conference Exhibition

KHARITES Exhibition

THE PIECE PALETTE PRESENTS KHARITES, an exhibition of multi-disciplinary work from twenty artists – including paintings, sculptures, installation work, photography and more.

Hosted at the brand-new UAL event space at Millbank Tower, the exhibition will explore themes and ideas around THE KHARITES, three goddesses thought to embody grace, beauty, creativity, adornment, joy, festivity, dance and song.

KHARITES were thought to preside over the pleasures of life including play, amusement, happiness, rest and relaxation. Through this exhibition, we will explore how this translates into art today, and how we can embrace the playfulness of the Kharites within the contemporary world.

The Piece Palette invites you to our exhibition opening next Friday August 11th, including free drinks, DJ sets, and a panel talk with some of the featured artists.

We’ll discuss how we define beauty and creativity in the modern world, and how the divine and ethereal are weaved between the threads of our work.

Come hang out in our female and nb only space, make friends, collabs, explore and bask in a celestial, feminine vibe.

FRIDAY 11.08.23
18:30 – 22:30
30 Millbank Road

Special thanks to UAL and Lucas for the poster design

ARTISTS: Sophie Pywell, Tatum Parden, Verity Woolley, Megan Wright, Robin Clark, Balbina Boch, Wai Yi Chung, Daelyn Serafini, Mia Hassall, Kate Street, Hannah Dempsey, Judy Clarkson, Emma Weller, Claudia Tong, Lindy Giusta

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Emilia Ashby, Kyleen Hengel Haupt, Yinsey Wang, Zoja Kalinovskis, Margarita Velentza


DISCLAIMER: While this is a space designed for and by female and non-binary creatives, all individuals are welcome to attend x


Design & Material Practices Awayday

Research, knowledge, exchange and teaching & learning awayday with presentations by Kate Goldsworthy, Dr. Jason Cleverly, Cecilia Lnagemar, Dr. Matthew Crowley, Michael Robinson, Emma Smith, Sicgmone Kludje, Dr. Elaine Igoe and Caryn Simonson.