Exhibition Workshop

BA Photography – Curatorial Workshop

1st year BA Photography students at Camberwell College of Art tried their hand at curation in Studio 18, as part of their ongoing professional practice development. The workshop began with a group discussion, during which students discussed the thematic and pragmatic elements of curating an exhibition. They reflected on how to bring about a conversation between artworks, with practical considerations regarding space, as well as the arrangement of artworks, in mind. Students then worked together to install 6 mini exhibitions practically.

The workshop culminated in the group curating and installing an exhibition of their own works, this time referring to thematic principles.

Conference Workshop

CAP Symposium: Art Beyond the Commodity

Chelsea MA Fine Art and Royal College of Art Contemporary Art Practice students were asked to participate in a workshop at Millbank Podium on 16.1.24 to rethink the commodity. Artists and lecturers Pil and Galia Kollectiv asked them to go to a retail space of their choice in the week before the workshop and photograph part of the display they thought was working to persuade them to buy the goods in the shop. They then discussed the concept of commodification and its relationship to art and worked in small groups to think about that which is not yet commodified and how it might be. Finally, the groups presented their findings and talked about the social consequences of the process of commodification.

The workshop led to an exhibition at Chelsea’s Cookhouse Gallery and a symposium at the Royal College of Art, both of which Chelsea and RCA students were invited to contribute to.