Conference Focus Group Workshop

DesignInquiry Work/Around

London Design Festival 2023

DesignInquiry Work/ Around, part of the 2023 London Design Festival programme, was a weeklong risograph print and publication workshop aiming to subvert the notion of the obstacle as a barricade to creativity; instead, posing the idea that accepting and working around difficulties or disadvantages during the creative process can be conducive to thoughtfulness, imagination, and artistry.

Participants visited the space throughout the week for a series of workshops, presentations and talks curated by DesignInquiry, a multidisciplinary collective researching and developing new strategies for design. DesignInquiry is led by UAL’s Peter Hall, a reader in Graphic Design at CCW. He employs mapping and visualisation techniques as interactive design methods, with a specific emphasis on addressing issues related to the climate crisis, risk, and security.