Bounce Fund Exhibition

Liminal Entities

This exhibition delves into the delicate balance between realms, where boundaries blur and transitions occur. Inspired by the Japanese concept of komorebi, where light filters through trees, we invite you to navigate through the dappled spaces of consciousness. Through artworks that capture the essence of lucidity and in-between states, we delve into the fluidity of existence. Join us on a metaphorical journey where reflections shimmer, boundaries dissolve, and the unseen become tangible.

Furthermore, in exploring the themes of fluidity and liminal realities, we aim to engage with the complexities of queer identities and experiences. Queer theory often challenges binary understandings of gender and sexuality, emphasising the fluidity and complexity inherent in these aspects of human identity. By embracing the concept of ‘liminal entities’, we seek to create a space where individuals can explore the intersections between different identities and occupy spaces that defy traditional categorisations. Through this exploration, we hope to foster dialogue and reflection on the fluid nature of existence and the diverse experiences that shape our understanding of self and society.