MA Showcase 2023

The MA Design Showcase served as the culminating stage of study for MA design courses at Camberwell and Chelsea, showcasing the innovative designs achieved by our talented students throughout their academic journey. The showcase featured artworks by students on the following courses: MA Designer Maker, MA Textile Design, MA Graphic Design Communication, MA Illustration, and MA Interior and Spatial Design.


To the Lighthouse!


Mother Tongue: Bodies Beyond Words

Language is a potent tool that forms our perceptions of the world including the female body. Just as language constructs complex meanings with words, bodies, too, are constructed; instead of words they are constructed by society through power dynamics. In this exhibition the body is activated and takes centre stage, in a way that is not bound by the structures of patriarchal society, a poetic language in which multiple meanings prevail. Mother Tongue features a divers range of works across media of painting, sculpture, photography, video, text, textile, performance and sound. inviting viewers to participate n a multi-faceted dialogue that goes beyond spoken or written words, encouraging a new contemplation of the relationship between language and the body.


Crossing Borders

Millbank Tower is located beside the River Thames, opposite MI6, with Tate Britain to the right and Palace of Westminster within walking distance to the left. The second floor of the Millbank Tower, a Grade 2 listed building designed by Ronald Ward, will be infiltrated with conceptual art from 1 till 5 November 2023. The building, which was literally for years the office of the United Nations, the Labour and the Conservative party still appears as a gatekeeper and the mystery space where secret government resolutions were decided. The exhibition will present a site-embedded political space – that formulates a critique on institutional power structures.

The group show will present varying artistic positions that dismantle and question the role of borders, security and economic policies, power and class systems, the consequences of societal norms and human-made conditions – starting from the history and political topicality of the space itself, the Millbank Tower.

Exhibition Workshop

Labour of Love

The exhibition “Labour of Love” by Mil Vukovic-Smart, a PhD researcher at Chelsea College of Arts, presents insights from gardening practice undertaken over the last four years at Chiswick House and Gardens, the birthplace of the English Landscape Movement. By drawing on history of dance and embodied movement practices it approaches historic gardens as choreographic objects and conceives gardening as a form of choreographic dwelling.  

On view by appointment only at Millbank Tower, Podium, Studio 18 

Wednesday 25 Oct – Saturday 28 October 1pm-6pm.  

Please RSVP here or for more information contact 

Exhibition Workshop

Encoding, Decoding

This group exhibition is underpinned by Stuart Hall’s theory of ‘Encoding and Decoding’. It offers a semiotic way of seeing how meaning-making is generated through the production and consumption of signs and messaging through the architecture of the exhibition, as a pedagogic initiative. The exhibition will show work by students and staff of Afro-Caribbean Heritage that explores the contributions made by the Windrush Generation and the Black herstory and history of pioneers and inventors. Offering, fresh knowledge as a decolonial intervention as a teaching and learning intervention.

Conference Focus Group Workshop

DesignInquiry Work/Around

DesignInquiry Work/ Around, part of the 2023 London Design Festival programme, was a weeklong risograph print and publication workshop aiming to subvert the notion of the obstacle as a barricade to creativity; instead, posing the idea that accepting and working around difficulties or disadvantages during the creative process can be conducive to thoughtfulness, imagination, and artistry.

Participants visited the space throughout the week for a series of workshops, presentations and talks curated by DesignInquiry, a multidisciplinary collective researching and developing new strategies for design. DesignInquiry is led by UAL’s Peter Hall, a reader in Graphic Design at CCW. He employs mapping and visualisation techniques as interactive design methods, with a specific emphasis on addressing issues related to the climate crisis, risk, and security.

Exhibition Launch Performance

Dress Down Friday

Laurie Martin is organising a one-day event to launch the next Raid.R issue called SATURATED.

Bo Sun
Karl Murphy
Tu Pham
Nikita Snegirijovs
Louis Loveless
Chaney Diao
David Koh
Andie Aylsworth
Beth Seeboo

Copies of Raid.R magazine will be sold during the event

Unofficial dress code is corporate casual/dress-down friday!

Free tickets

@raid.r__  |

Conference Exhibition

KHARITES Exhibition

THE PIECE PALETTE PRESENTS KHARITES, an exhibition of multi-disciplinary work from twenty artists – including paintings, sculptures, installation work, photography and more.

Hosted at the brand-new UAL event space at Millbank Tower, the exhibition will explore themes and ideas around THE KHARITES, three goddesses thought to embody grace, beauty, creativity, adornment, joy, festivity, dance and song.

KHARITES were thought to preside over the pleasures of life including play, amusement, happiness, rest and relaxation. Through this exhibition, we will explore how this translates into art today, and how we can embrace the playfulness of the Kharites within the contemporary world.

The Piece Palette invites you to our exhibition opening next Friday August 11th, including free drinks, DJ sets, and a panel talk with some of the featured artists.

We’ll discuss how we define beauty and creativity in the modern world, and how the divine and ethereal are weaved between the threads of our work.

Come hang out in our female and nb only space, make friends, collabs, explore and bask in a celestial, feminine vibe.

FRIDAY 11.08.23
18:30 – 22:30
30 Millbank Road

Special thanks to UAL and Lucas for the poster design

ARTISTS: Sophie Pywell, Tatum Parden, Verity Woolley, Megan Wright, Robin Clark, Balbina Boch, Wai Yi Chung, Daelyn Serafini, Mia Hassall, Kate Street, Hannah Dempsey, Judy Clarkson, Emma Weller, Claudia Tong, Lindy Giusta

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Emilia Ashby, Kyleen Hengel Haupt, Yinsey Wang, Zoja Kalinovskis, Margarita Velentza


DISCLAIMER: While this is a space designed for and by female and non-binary creatives, all individuals are welcome to attend x



Roots and Routes is a project that aims to raise awareness of biases and injustices within Art and Design (and) Education, and contribute to inclusive, responsible and accountable practices.

If you think of culture always as a return to roots — R-O-O-T-S — you’re missing the point. I think of culture as routes — R-O-U-T-E-S — the various routes by which people travel, culture travels, culture moves, culture, develops, culture changes, cultures migrate, etc.” – Stuart Hall

This will be a zine-making session that explores Climate, Social and Racial Justice and reflects on our values and positions in our work, daily lives, and connections to nature and history. We will (co)create zines in response to discussion and provocations – which will be uploaded to Instagram.

Join us for critical dialogues towards more equitable and accountable sustainable practices in Art and Design (and) Education!

This workshop and project is co-developed by Gabi Miller (Lecturer in Fashion and Sustainability, School of Design and Technology, LCF) and Adam Ramejkis, Intercultural Communication Trainer, UAL.We will (hopefully) be supported on the day by Climate Advocates and Changemakers from CCW.